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Get to Know IMS

IMS began in 1995 by Steve and Renee Thorson in the basement of their home.  Steve saw a need for a variety of programs to suit the needs of many, counties especially. He began by asking the counties what they wanted and needed out of a program.  With this information Steve was able to develop specialized programs that fit those needs. He then preceded down the line to families of those in need to develop the programs even further.  With the desire for specialized programs, IMS quickly expanded from serving one county into 16 across Southeast Minnesota

 Steve and Renee each have over 40 years of experience in the health industry.  He began his journey by working with the state of Minnesota for two years.  Moving onto a private sector in the state hospital for 25 years, Steve and Renee perfected their crafts.  It was around this time that Steve saw a greater need for more advanced programs.

In January 2019, Ryan Thorson took over the business as Chief Executive Officer and owner of IMS.  Ryan worked for the company throughout his high school years and college summers while going to school to earn his doctorate in Psychology.

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