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Kelli Broitzman

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ARMHS and CTSS Practitioner:  I got into this field because I had issues keeping child care when my son and daughter were younger.  My son was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD and my daughter was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, anxiety disorder, Sensory processing disorder along with 3 rare energy disorders.  Since daycares were not trained and didn't tolerate the behaviors, I oftentimes found myself without childcare.  So I opened up my own daycare and took all the children that were kicked out.  This led to working as a special ed para in the school district working with a range of behaviors and disorders.  Then I went to Gerard school where I was a para and quickly went into Behavior counselor dealing with deescallation of behaviors and positive behavior modification.  I started school in August 2016 to work on my Bachlors in Human services.  This led to an internship at IMS where I saw the teamwork of the staff and applied.  I like my job because I like the "investigative" portion of it.  I have to look at my client and their situation and find out the "solution" to their barriers.  I love working with the clients and helping them to discover new paths in life.  I will graduate next spring with my AA and AS in Human Services and will start in the fall of 2018 with St Scholostica for my next step in my degree.

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