Meet Our Community Mental Health Staff

Tessa Bucknell-ARMHS/ Case Management Director

Anne Regner- Assistant ARMHS Director

Ashley Engelby- ARMHS Practitioner

Sandy Stephenson- ARMHS Practitioner

Michele Enger- ARMHS/CTSS/ CFPS Practitioner

Kelli Broitzman- ARMHS/ CTSS Practitioner

Amber Rassmussen- ARMHS Practitioner and Guardian

April Aase- ARMHS Practitioner, Lead Group Facilitator, and Financial Coach

Rachel Lady- ARMHS/ CTSS Practitioner

Ryan Peterson- ARMHS Rehab Worker and CFPS Practitioner

Keiry Viallalta- ARMHS Rehab Worker

Natasha Hamilton- ARMHS/ CTSS Practitioner

Bethany Hall- Case Manager

Kathy Keller- Case Manager

Alyssa Moritz-Case Manager

Brittany Moen- Case Manager

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Fax (507) 437-0977

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