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Kay Drenth Johansen

Kay Drenth-Johannsen.jpg

When I started working at Fountain Centers I knew I had found my calling. I worked in the detox unit, adolescent, women’s, and men’s unit as a nurse. During this time I worked closely with the counselors in getting the best care and setting up goals for entering back into the community. As well as performing my nursing duties I also educated the client’s on tobacco cessation, sexual health, and post-acute withdrawal symptoms.  While working in the chemical dependency setting I was approached to think about obtaining my counseling license.  I pursued my degree and moved into the counseling role.  It truly is my passion. To give a person hope and the tools to obtain and maintain sobriety is a wonderful gift.  The miracle happens when they apply what you have given them and they grow in their sobriety.  It is amazing to see the progress and watch a person who once thought they had nothing turn their themselves into being a productive, contributing, sober member of society.

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